A Quiet Sunday Morning {Annapolis Beach Landscape Photography}

I’ll share an image I took the other morning first, so those who aren’t much for my words can enjoy the picture without wading through my ramblings 😀  This is an image I took this last Sunday Morning out at Sandy Point overlooking the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

A photo of the Chesapeake and Bay Bridge shortly after sunrise

A Peaceful Morning

I don’t very often get out on my own for personal photographic projects.  What projects I do for myself and not for clients are usually centered around my own children, family, and friends.  I love this.  I have always been a people watcher and I love to find out what makes people unique.  I like to share in their joys and my photography gives me a chance to uplift, to share, to help, and to give a gift that will last a lifetime through the moments and memories I capture and record for them.

However, with all that said, I have always been the type of person that needs some personal quiet time to recharge and decompress.  I struggle if I don’t get enough of this ‘me’ time as I call it.  I have also always loved the outdoors.  My mother would take us on a long road trip every summer where we would mix visiting family and camping on living room floors with backpacking into the high country in Yosemite, or Yellowstone, or any number of other amazing locations. I’m not sure how much of my love for the outdoors is innate and how much was a gift from my mother as she exposed us to the world we lived in.  As my life, and the demands placed upon me have changed, I am sad to say that I haven’t been in the outdoors nearly as much as I’d like.  Not nearly.

As the mother of small children, sleep is still a rare and valued commodity. And let’s face it, I’ve never been a morning person.  I love mornings–they are beautiful, but I’ve always loved my sleep more and preferred to enjoy the velvet quiet that late nights cloak my time with to the dazed fog I usually stumble around in first thing in the morning, regardless of how beautiful that morning might be.   Still, I’ve set a goal to get back out into the world I love, and to do more personal photographic projects.  I suppose these two mesh well enough since the best light is right before and after sunrise and sunset.  Luckily my husband doesn’t have to be in to work extremely early in the morning so I have a baby sitter at home to allow me time in the early mornings to get out and accomplish both goals at once.

The only problem with all of this is it means I have to drag myself out of bed.   I delude myself that at some point, if I’ve overcome my natural inclinations enough, early mornings and I will become less grudging acquaintances and our relationship will evolve into one that while it might not ever be warm and fuzzy might at least grow into a mutual truce. 😀

Still, I loved every minute of it once I was there.  Taking my quiet time to enjoy the cries of the gulls, the sound of the waves quietly slapping the shore, and drinking in the amazing views around me and through my lens was a gift to myself I’d not realized I’d missed so much.  I am glad especially that this particular morning, I was able to experience this peace, joy, and beauty there is in life because I came home to the news that my grandmother had passed away the night before.  I know I was able to take this news much better than I would have had I not just renewed my spirit with this quiet feast to my senses.  I’ll miss you grandma.  I hope the views from where you’re at now are as beautiful as the ones like what I saw that morning.

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Columbus Photographer | Danielle Neil - October 27, 2010 - 9:35 am

Great image! Well worth getting out of bed a little early to capture that!

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