I LOVE watching “my” Babies grow! {Arlington, Alexandria, Annapolis Baby Photographer}

I’m doing this post–well, really this series of posts a bit backwards from the norm.  Last fall I was hired by a wonderful lady who had seen an image of mine in a previous post and she said it made her want to come to *me* as her photographer because she loved my work–even though there were photographers that lived nearer to her.  I have to say, that I absolutely love when I receive calls like this because it means that I am going to be able to make that client even happier than normal.  This isn’t because I work harder for one client versus another, but rather when a client comes to me because he or she likes my photographic style we’re more likely to be in sync on what we achieve from the session and that is important because any portrait session is always a collaboration between client and photographer; It means a more natural artistic fit.

My life has been crazy and along with holidays, school, mothering, and rental properties bursting water pipes, I’ve also had to move sites and rebrand because apparently while I’m relatively strong in visual arts like photography…..I’m not necessarily the most computer savvy and while I know my way around pretty well, I stumble into viruses and malware in spite of my best efforts to avoid them.   What this means is that even though I’ve now done three sessions with this wonderful family, I’m only blogging my first post from one of their sessions–the most recent one–right now.  I will be playing catch up and sharing more of her beautiful “Baby A” in the near future.

I can’t give an intro about a picture being what got my an amazing client without sharing the pictures in question though so I will add just two from before.

Here is the picture that won her over.  She saw it, and as an expecting soldier married to a then deployed soldier, wanted one in this style of her own baby.  I have to say, I have a special place in my heart for photographing military families.  They are amazingly generous and strong people and the type you’d be lucky to call friends.

newborn baby photography, custom photography

A Soldier's Baby

While the baby in the portrait above was born three days before his father was able to get home from Iraq, fortunately for this family, the baby in the picture below was greeted by both mom and dad, when she joined the world.  Below is one of the portrait we created for this client based off of the image above that touched her so.

newborn baby photographed in Army gear.  Annapolis and Bowie photographer


This is sweet “Baby A”.  The flag was one that flew overseas where her father served, and while the symbol would have been as poignant had it been purchased just for this session, I find it moving that it has a specific history behind it, as well as all the history that follows our flag simply because it is our flag.

In the sessions we have done since Baby A’s newborn session, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both sets of her grandparents.  Her paternal grandparents and big sis were here for the second session we did, and this time round I got to meet her maternal grandparents, as well as her cousins (they’ll be coming in their own post since they are just too cute) and Aunt and Uncle.    I always feel privilaged to meet and work with wonderful people at a time that is so precious to them when they are welcoming a newborn baby into their family.  I treasure the families that come back and allow me to share in watching their precious children grow.  When I get to see them a few times, they become ‘my’ babies and it really excites me to see their personalities bloom and to get to know their parents better.  I’ve met some good friends this way.

Here are just a few from our latest session.

When her mom was at the end of her pregnancy, she got a caste made of her belly to celebrate the wonderful event of her daughter’s upcoming birth and to remember her by, and how tiny she once was.  Miss A is now 6 months old!! Can you believe it.  While it took too long for the belly bowl to get back for pictures with while Miss A was a newborn, and of course her parents are in the Army and still have to travel and work, we did finally get pics with her and the belly bowl.  The workmanship on this is beautiful and Miss A was fascinated by it.  It was really cute to see her examining it–almost as if wondering about how she ever managed to fit!

custom baby photographer in Bowie MD

Where I came from

And a few fun ones with mom and the belly bowl too!  I have to say I LOVED this.  It was so much fun and out of the ordinary from what I’m usually able to put in front of my lens.

Maternity and Newborn baby photographer

I've Grown!

Family photograph showing baby, mom, and belly bowl from her pregnancy

Miss A and her mama.  Two very beautiful women.

Baby and family photographer, Anne Arrundel and PG counties MD

Mommy and Me.

After a few with only mom and Miss A I have to share one with Dad too. He is a trooper; he was plumb beat from a few hard weeks (well, so was mom) but he seems to truly get how quickly this time of Miss A’s life will pass and wants to capture it.  His good humor and patience in getting family pictures is sweet to watch–especially since not all of the dad’s I work with seem to understand as well. 😀

Family photograph taken in Bowie MD

Miss A and her family.

I mentioned that Miss A’s maternal side of the family was visiting.  Here are some of the family she’ll have there to help her as she grows. I don’t think you can ever have too many people that love you in this life.

6 month old baby with her grandpa

Miss A and her Grandpa.

6 month old baby with her grandma.  Alexandria VA baby photographer

Miss A with Grandma

Custom family portrait photograph taken in Bowie MD

Miss A's beautiful Mom and Aunt M.

Alexandria VA Family Portrait Photographer

Miss A's Mom, Aunt, and Grandparents.

And what better way to close this post than with a few more images of beautiful 6 month old Baby A and the American Flag her daddy carried with him?  Her parent’s patriotism is inspiring and I think she’ll be blessed to be given such context by them as she grows.

patriotic family photograph of a 6 mo old baby. Custom baby photography, MD VA DC


Custom baby photography taken near Washington D.C.


Gabby, I have loved every session with you and your creative ideas.  I absolutely adore Miss A and look forward to watching her grow for as long as our paths (and the Army) allow us to be in the same are.  I hope you like your sneak peek of this last session.

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